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It’s 9.20 pm and I have just returned home, from my local Sainsbury. No, I don’t do community work or try to pay for my new car by having a second job! I went shopping…
I wonder how many of you will read this and nod knowingly… You,too have been there, where bargain hunters will bite your head off for that last piece of reduced ham.
You get out of the office too late to be counted among the afternoon shoppers, the ones that will ‘just pop to the shop’ after half 4 when they finish work. You are still in meetings or shouting down the phone at some lunatic who thinks it’s OK to arrange a conference call for 8 PM.
So… Here I am… The staff at my local Sainsbury know me only as the BAT… I bet that tomorrow they will have a cuppa waiting for me.
Oh… And I still haven’t phoned my Mum…
Good Night, boys and girls! See you tomorrow šŸ™‚


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Show your pride: badges for your blog.

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You must watch this!

Despicable Me… I must have watched it 5 times so far and I still haven’t had enough of it! You cannot help but fall in love with the characters and laugh out loud at their antics.

Amazon have got a really good deal on, so why don’t you have a look?


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So true on a Monday

funny pictures - I love you, couch.   You understand me.
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Starts here

Last night I was just about to pay 20 quid for a leather-boundĀ journal… It looked pretty neat and all but I immediately felt the urge to slap myself just for thinking about buying it. I mean, I have these fantasies that years from now someone will find my journal and be so absolutely amazed, they would want to share it with the rest of the world. Truth is… I will be paying 20 quid for a leather-bound journal, 10 quid for a new pen (my old ones just won’t do) and I will never EVER write…

So I decided to start a blog… and if no one reads it… at least it was free!

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