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You’ve got to see this! So funny!! Perfect for a Monday!

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I’m rubbish at reading signals… I mean, I wouldn’t be able to tell you if a particular guy liked me, just by the way he looks at me. I don’t understand subtle… I don’t get the lingering looks and puppy dog eyes. I am oblivious to hints and I don’t respond well to flirting.

Do you remember how easy and less complicated it used to be when you were still playing with Barbie dolls? If a boy liked you he would either punch you in the face or push you into the biggest puddle he could find. The harder he hit, the more he like you. And, by God! That was easy!

My first crush and I crossed paths when we were 4… our grandmothers were friends and, for some unknown reason decided to dress us pretty much the same. He was about 3 feet tall, brown eyes and a permanent pout; I liked him, because he used to steal my toys and eat my ice cream… he was a “bad boy”, just without the fast cars or dodgy, backstreet deals… One day, after he had eaten the last chocolate, I mustered the courage, grabbed him by his Donald Duck jumper and gave him a peck on the cheek. Then, out of nowhere, my “bad boy” starts crying and screaming “Grammy! Grammy! The fat girl “yucked” me!” – I knew then we were meant to be 😀 Years later, he came out of the closet… his Gran still believes, it was all my fault. If he had been “yucked” by a prettier, cuter girl, he would have never “jumped ships”… 😛

So really… what I’m trying to say, with all this blabber, is that I am lucky to have found Mr. Sheen… He usually follows a  “love you” with a swift punch to leg or arm… Awwww… bless… he likes me 😀

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